SQL BITS 2022 Session recordings

by Sep 8, 2022

Recordings SQL Bits 2022

All sessions of SQLBits 2022 have been made available to everyone and can now be viewed via their Youtube channel. Microsoft asked me to present me this session during SQL Bits in the Cloud Scale Analytics solution area.

Session Title:

Lake Database with Database Template and Mapping Data with Azure Synapse Analytics


Database templates in Azure Synapse Analytics are blueprints which can be used by organizations to plan, architect and design solutions.

How can we use these Database Templates in a day-to-day business, in order to speed up to automate this process? Map data tool can help us with that. The map data tool can generate a mapping data flow without having to start from a blank canvas. In this presentation, you will see how this all works in a step-by-step demo-based session.

During SQL Bits the Mapping Data tool was still in Preview, the great news is that this functionality is now GA.


SQLBits 2023 will back next year 14 – 18 March 2023, so mark you calendars.

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